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ski mag cover

ski mag cover

My first cover!

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Some shots from this winter 2012/13

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Mt. Moran


There is still some skiing out there if you want to hike to get to it. Or in this case a boat ride, then a hike, then a spectacular ski down the skillet glacier. The Skillet is a line I have wanted to do since moving here, with 5,833 vertical feet to ski this decent is a huge reward for anyone brave enough to scale the 45 plus degree couloir to the top. Navigating most of the route at night proved to be challenging but there was the moon helping for a little while. The four of us bob, bill, and chase all set off for the summit just before one in the morning. reaching the summit of the skillet shortly after the sun had risen .




Here is some video of the top ski in the couloir. I was lucky enough to get to ski first.

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I know i haven’t posted in a while so i hope you enjoy this as much as i did.


This line has never looked the same anytime I have looked at it. I have skied through this line with no air, on the other hand I have also repelled down a 40ft cliff in the middle. We lucked out when we skied this line with near-perfect conditions. The air in the middle is big enough to keep most from skiing it, but still exciting enough to ski the top slower. This was the first time I have been able to ski it from top to bottom, very exciting!

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Re-post: Alta chutes

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I never posted this, well it’s bad footy.

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Granite Canyon

This is a run in the canyon named new davies. this run is a classic. there are a few good safety spots to stop and regroup, making this one of my favorite lines to ski.

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It’s happening!

Jackson lake

I have officially been stoked for the season. Just seeing some ski movie premiers has got me looking back on my last season. Here is a post i did for, I threw the RMU logos in there and BAM here it is!

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One for the books

This could not have been any better :)

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