Mt. Moran


There is still some skiing out there if you want to hike to get to it. Or in this case a boat ride, then a hike, then a spectacular ski down the skillet glacier. The Skillet is a line I have wanted to do since moving here, with 5,833 vertical feet to ski this decent is a huge reward for anyone brave enough to scale the 45 plus degree couloir to the top. Navigating most of the route at night proved to be challenging, but we had the moon helping for a little while. The four of us, Bob, Bill, and Chase and I all set off for the summit just before 1AM reaching the summit of the skillet shortly after the sun had risen .




Here is some video of the top ski in the couloir. I was lucky enough to get to ski first.

Mt. Moran, skillet glacier from Tanner Flanagan on Vimeo.

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  1. colleen ct. says:

    hey Tanner, that was great !!!! Great to see that face!!!!

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